Menicon TINU

Menicon TINU

Menicon TINU is an aspheric rigid gas permeable lens with thinner lens edge design that maximizes the comfort of wearing of RGP. Due to the rigidity of RGP lenses, the adaptation of RGP will take some time, but with Menicon TINU, the adaptation period is greatly reduced.

In a proven study, existing RGP wearer says TINU is better than their old RGP, even 25% of non-contact lens wearer says the comfort level is excellent!

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Recommended to be used with Menicon Lens Care Products.

Material: Z Material (hyper-permeable copolymer)

Oxygen permeability: 163 Dk/t *

Refractive index: 1.44

Visible light transmittance: 90% or more

*higher value indicates more oxygen is transmitted to your cornea


  1. Premium Vision

    With a new concept of a “defocus -correction aspheric surface”, stable, high quality vision is achieved by controlling aberrations with the front surface of the lens. It is a new type of aspheric lens, which is not affected by movement of the lens as you blink, stable vision, and the degree of refraction which can vary from person to person.

  2. Premium Comfort

    Aiming to improve wearing comfort, the thin round edge relieves irritation to the eyelid and cornea, providing wearing comfort comparable to soft contact lenses.These lenses are recommended for first time GP lens wearers, or for the former GP lens wearers who stopped wearing them due to discomfort.

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