What is ORTHO-K?

What is ORTHO-K?

Can you imagine the joy of waking up in the morning and not having to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day? Now you can!

Orthokeratology is a revolutionary treatment that helps to reshape your cornea without any invasive procedure.

Menicon Z Night Lenses reshape your cornea as you sleep, providing you with freedom from visual correction during the day to undertake all sorts of activities.

Their geometry has been engineered to reshape your cornea in order to gradually yet reversibly correct your myopia and/or astigmatism. Wearing lenses by night frees you from wea ring them, or indeed any other corrective glasses or lenses in the day. The effect is reversible when you cease lens wear.

Who can wear?

Children and adults with myopia of less than 4 diopters and/or astigmatism of up to 2.5 diopters are suitable candidates for Menicon Z night.


Corneal reshaping is totally reversible, in the event of changes in power, different lenses may be prescribed to correct.

Freedom and quality of vision throughout the day without lenses or glasses.
No allergies, no sensation of dryness, no dust.

Ultra-permeability of Z material gives maximum oxygenation.

How does it work?

1st Visit:

Your optometrist analyses your cornea topography to determine your lens parameters.

2nd Visit:

Menicon Z Night lenses fitting

Follow-up check after first night:

Follow up in the next morning with your lenses. Stable visual acuity throughout the day is generally achieved within a week, although this may vary depending on individuals, especially on the extent of their myopia.

Follow-up after the first week, then 3 weeks later:

The check-up after a week is carried out without your lenses in the morning. After 3 weeks, another check up is carried out in the late afternoon to assess the adaption.

Check up after 2,6 and 12 months:

It is important to have check ups (without your lenses) at 2nd, 6th, and 121h month, and then every 6 months.