Menicon Z Night

Menicon Z Night is one of the non-invasive options for people who want hassle free vision throughout the daily activities. It is worn at night during your sleep to achieve clear vision throughout the day without glasses or lenses. It works by reshaping the cornea into a more spherical shape.

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Recommended to be used with Menicon Lens Care Products.
  • Material: Z Material (hyper-permeable copolymer)
  • Oxygen permeability: 163Dk/t (higher value indicates more oxygen is transmitted to your cornea)
  • UV filter: Benzotriazol
  • Color: Pink right lens and Blue left lens

Advantages of wearing Menicon Z night

  1. Freedom from visual correction during the day and excellent vision to undertake all sorts of activities.
  2. Minimized allergies and dry eyes.
  3. High Dk material Menicon Z Night lens wear with maximum corneal oxygenation, keeping your cornea healthy.
  4. Fitting based on the latest Easyfit software calculation to improve the first time wearing experience.

*** Menicon Z material is the world first Hyper Dk GP lens material approved by FDA up to 30 days continuous wear.

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